Group Health Insurance

We have partnered with the top health insurance companies to bring you the best in health coverage. To start the quote process, we'll need your team's names, dates of birth, home zip code and nicotine status.


Supplemental Coverage

Out-of-pocket and unexpected expenses can be staggering. Supplemental coverage can help you in a time of medical need with cash benefits paid directly to you to use however you may need.

Group Life Insurance

Offering life insurance is an important component to a strong benefits package. Studies show if offered at work, employees will enroll. We can structure your company's life insurance program to be company paid or voluntary, or a combination of the two!


Disability Insurance

Your employees' ability to earn income is their most valuable asset. Offering Disability Insurance, commonly referred to as "paycheck insurance," is a great way to help them be more financially secure. Disability can offered on either an employer-paid or voluntary basis.

Dental and Vision

Making sure one's teeth and eyes are well cared for is a critical component to one's health. Dental and vision are two of the month popular, and affordable benefits available, and can be offered at no direct cost to your organization.



Studies show Americans don't have enough savings for a medical emergency, much less retirement. We can help you put together a retirement plan for you and your employees.