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Our Philosophy

We believe in taking a holistic approach to benefits. It's not just about a single piece of the benefits package. We want to make sure you and your team have the best possible coverage at the best price. We'll provide you with innovative ideas to make sure your benefits plan is complete with everything from health to supplemental benefits and more. Whether we are starting from scratch, filling in any gaps on an existing plan or laying out a brand new strategy to grow into offering full benefits, we are here to help.

E M P L O Y E E   B E N E F I T S


Group Health

Health insurance is the most popular employee benefit. Behind payroll, group health benefits tend to be the largest expense a company incurs.

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Disability Insurance

Insuring the paycheck can be crucial to a family's financial health. After all, if you're not working, how do pay for all of your expenses?

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Life Insurance

Studies show while 84 percent of Americans say that most people need life insurance, but only 59 percent own some form of it. Offering life insurance through work is an easy and convenient option, and when offered is popular.

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Supplemental Insurance

Health insurance is a blessing, but it doesn't cover all the expenses that arise in a medical situation. A supplemental policy pays the policy holder directly, helping offset additional expenses that crop up after an accident or illness.

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Tax Advantaged Plans

Offering a Health Savings Account (HSA) or a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) as part of your benefits plan can save both you and your employee important tax dollars, when you have a Cafeteria Plan in place.

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Retirement Planning

Studies show Americans don't have enough savings for a medical emergency, much less retirement. We can help you put together a retirement plan for you and your employees.

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What Our Clients Are Saying ...

I highly recommend Bowser Insurance Services. The time spent in researching our insurance options and explaining our options were exceptional. Wendy continues to update us with resources to help us make the best decisions for our family.

-- Tonya F.

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