Specializing in Employee Benefits in Houston, Texas,
and across the United States

Study after study shows that having employee benefits in place plays a vital role in talent attraction and retention. In fact, many employees actually will take a lower wage in order to gain access to benefits. They are, after all, an important part of the overall compensation package.

Putting together an employee benefits package for your company can be a time-intensive task.

Researching options, crunching numbers and keeping up with the regulations and compliance matters are crucial to the success of your plan.

Why not lean on industry veterans for help?

After learning about your business model, your company culture and benefits needs, we'll work hard to build a comprehensive benefits package for you and your staff ... one that takes care of not only the physical health of your team but the financial health, too, through special retirement and disability options.


Group Benefits

Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to add to your existing plan, we are here to and questions and help you stay focused on the business at hand. Your business.

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For the Employer

Need help with HR or payroll? Our partners are here to support you however you need. Once we get your benefits plan in place, let's talk about your future and the future your company in what we call Succession Planning.

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Individual Programs

Don't have coverage available to you at work? Are you in between jobs? We can help with a variety of individual plan options year-round. From a health plan to dental, vision and life, we have a multitude of programs available for our individual clients.

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What Our Clients Are Saying ...

We own a small construction company and Wendy has helped us with insurance for our employees. She is resourceful and thinks outside the box. We are extremely happy with the personal service she provides us. Thanks Wendy for all you do.

-- Gina K.

What's next?

Let's have a conversation about how we can help your company get the benefits you want and need.